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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  August 4, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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should be dry later today. temperatures regan national 77 degrees winning number out of dulles, 75 baltimore, 75 ocean city forecast straightforward early clouds afternoon sun temperatures right where they should be, upper 80s, 87 in the city, take another look at tropical storm emily and look at the weekend alison back to you. thanks we are following breaking news this morning gruesome discovery in prince georges county. >> a man and woman found dead inside a home along hickory drive fort washington being investigated this morning as a homicide sherry lee joins us on the phone from the scene with more details good morning sherry. >> reporter: good morning. early this morning just after 4:30 a.m. police tell us a man called 911 saying there were two people injured inside this home, at
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11800 hickory drive when police arrived they found a man and woman dead, inside the home on the main level of the house. neighbors tell us there is a husband and wife who live in the home as well as their son, at this point police are not telling us what the relationship is between the man and the woman or if there were any problems in this home in the past. police tell us the person who called 911 lives inside the home as well, that person is being questioned right now by prince georges county police, at their criminal investigation division at this point detectives are going throughout the neighbourhood canvassing they do tell us there was no sign of forced entry into the home, they did stop short of calling this person who is in custody right now, being questioned they stopped short of calling that person a suspect but did not indicate to us either that they were
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looking for anyone else, police have been going through the neighbourhood trying to talk to neighbors to see what they know about the people who live in the home if they heard anything last night or early this morning, neighbors i talked to said they did not hear anything out of the ordinary they had not seen police at this home before they did not know of any type of domestic type of situation or problems inside the house, and in fact one woman said to me it is unthinkable to know something like this happened her dog started barking 5:00 a.m. this morning after the 911 call in more than likely that was prothe police arriving to the home so at this point what we know police are calling this a double homicide they would not reveal the relationship between the man and woman found dead inside this home on hickory drive there is a person being questioned no forced entry inside the home that person not yet being called a suspect but
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police are questioning that person. that is the latest in fort washington back the you. >> all right thank you very much. also in prince georges county police exchanged gunfire with suspects and an officer injured this happened late last night chapel oak near the dc line officials say police were questioning a group of suspicious men when one of the suspects opened fire. police fired back one officer and a suspect both hit in the arm injuries are not life threatening four suspects were taken into custody. more breaking news now update to this story this one coming from charles county a young child has died in an early morning house fire it happened 6:00 a.m. this morning arbour lane brians road maryland, authorities say a 5-year-old who was taken to hospital has succumbed to his injuries an 8 month old was also taken to hospital in seriousa number of other children in the home were rescued by neighbors and
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firefighters. we are learning more about a tragic murder suicide in montgomery county dr. margaret and her 13-year-old son ben were found shot to death inside their home sims court kensington the boy's father says he believes his ex-wife killed their only child out of what she perceived as compassion his son was bullied at school for being over weight and was also on the autism spectrum. another big story a child pornography bust that stretches across more than a dozen countries, scott speakle of ash burn virginia among the 50 people arrested here in the united state it is two year investigation targeted 600 members of a child porn website members had to continue to upload images to stay in the club. federal agents still looking for more -- 20 more suspects here in the states trouble is they are so well hidden investigators only know them by
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their screen names. >> every time you have new technology advancement the pedophile, the name of the pornographers are the first ones to find ways to exploit and use these new advances in technology, really the bad guys are often several times ahead of the good guys. >> the feds uncovered the equivalent of 16,000 dvds worth of pornographic images a man from baltimore county and a man from bee that vista virgin a -- buena vista virginia also arrested. the u.s. attorney says coleman altered thousands of pornographic photos to make them look like former students he made his own video of sexual abuse with children he faces up to 30 years in jail when he is sentenced in october. >> dc council may be in recess
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some lawmakers and the mayor are having a fierce fight over the budget mayor grey used a pocket veto to strike down tax on municipal bonds. council woman chase said she is furious calling the mayors pocket veto of the retroactive municipal bondholder tax baffling and dispointing. >> the major waits until the 11th hour and in the dead of night literally decides to pocket veto this without any consultation with council. >> in his defense the mayor grey told reporters he had two meetings yesterday with the council chair to discuss this, grey says the city has less than 20 days cash on hand and will need to borrow as much as $900 million to meet cash flow obligations transferring money might send the wrong signal to
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wall street. >> dc council woman alexandre fined $4,000 for violating the campaign finance reform and conflict of interest act. office of campaign finance found money meant for constituents was used for campaign activities. no end to partial shut down of the federal aviation administration but calls are getting louder for congress to come back from vacation to solve this crisis president barack obama is demanding they settle the issue, the shut down can be resolved by something called unanimous consent a particle meantry procedure used even though congress is out of town only if republican leaders agree. now to a consumer alert that you need to know about massive recall of ground turkey contaminated with a dangerous strain of salmonella resistant
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to traditional antibiotics. >> one person died in california it is effecting 26 states across the country. sarah. >> well, tony and alison this outbreak started months ago food investigators have been talking it since march now -- tracking it since march now besides one death there are 76 other cases, almost 40% of those infected require hospitalization. cargill is issuing a recall of 36 million pounds of ground turkey meet they have suspended operations in one plant in arkansas where it is believed to have started it is safe to eat if cooked properly the strain itself is a particularly deadly form of the bacteria because it is resistant to many antibiotics. >> the only thing worse than being sick is being told there is nothing the treat it. >> we have enough evidence
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these strains of antibiotic resistant stall them la are a threat -- salmonella are a threat. >> cook the meat thoroughly if you need a meat thermometer get it up to 16 a degrees salmonella is gone watch your -- 165 degrees salmonella is gone wash your hands. >> et was sold under honey suckle white, shady brook farms, greger and safeway see a list of names -- kroger, safeway and see a list of names on >> thanks. >> world war ii era plane used to train tuskegee airmen has completed a cross country trip here in washington where you can see this plane. >> and we are talking to one of the original tuskegee airmen about his experiences. back after the break don't go in where. it is 9:09 a.m. q there she is !
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the world war ii era plane spirit of tuskegee completed a cross country trip now here in washington said to be restored to its 1944 condition and will go on display before moving on to the smithsonian national museum of african history and culture. good morning good to see you. also with us general davis immediate past president of tuskegee airmen incorporated. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> i have to say the wow factor of this is off the charts dr. bunt can you tell our viewers and myself how special this really is. >> the story of the tuskegee airmen is one of the most
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important stories of the american history to be able to tell that story through this wonderful airplane is a special moment for all of us the truth of the matter is, it is hard to find a plane actually used by the tuskegee airmen this was a trainer that trained so many of the flyers beginning 1944. >> it is amazing it has existed, general, and can you tell us like when we see this plane finally when it is at the museum, what it is going the look like? like one of the planes we normally see from the war >> like a plane we talk about two day two wings, one upper and one lower we call it bi wing they are yellow and blue the colors we use in training back in that era. this was used early part of training for the airmen after they learned from walking the flying and then used as an aircraft they could do acrobatics in. >> if you are not familiar with the history here of course this is the group of african american pilots who fought in world war ii, first black
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military air squadron if you will, how difficult was jumping this hurdle and for the tuskegee airmen to have survived and thrived back in that era. >> well, remember, these men had to fight two enemies they had to fight the enemies of america in world war ii but also fight racism one of the great strengths of these men they were able to preserver when many thought african americans didn't have the skills to fly, shouldn't be officers, they proved them wrong not only did they prove them wrong but proved they were exceptional fighters one of the most important parts of this legacy because of their skills they helped do something unbelievably important integrate t the airforce as you know as the integration of the military occurs so too did american society. >> huh did you come to -- how did you come to get the spirit -- it is a fitting home but how did you come to acquire it? >> i knew when we were building this museum we had to tell the
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story of the tuskegee airmen i had curators searching and we found a young man an airforce cap town named matt and he had this plane and he knew that it was important to remember the story of the tuskegee airmen as we began to talk we said we want this plane here >> that will happen will we see it in 2015? >> you will see it in the next several months at the hoover center but when it opened in 2015 it will be at the museum. >> how would you like this displayed? how would you like the story told so that younger generations can appreciate the sacrifice and work done by the tuskegee airmen? >> we will tell it as the smithsonian does historically they do a great job of displaying it they will have the right flag cards and indicators and -- plaque cards and indicators and where it fit
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into the training of the airmen. when you make the transition from walking the flying, this aircraft was instrumental in facilitating those depths. >> it doesn't look like something that would necessarily have been used in world war ii was this the same plane white pilots were trained on. >> we had a standard curriculum for the airforce then as now. they all went through the same training, black aviators were primarily at tuskegee training, a few in kansas but most, 900 plus pallets, 15,000 total people were involved in the experience at tuskegee and 17, 18 other fields, five of which were overseas in north africa and italy. >> the 40th annual event of the tuskegee airmen is going on out at the national water front who is there? who is still with us now who tells this story. >> we have 40 of the original
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airmen we call them documented original tuskegee airmen those are folks we have adequate official documentation they were at one of the locations and assigned to the organizational structure, 35, 40 different organizations from top to bottom tuskegee airfield was staffed by african americans toward the end of the experiment. >> right. >> but, that unique opportunity i think, for people the see not only could they fly but also run and handle operations and all of the aspects of aviation, so they are there, some of us, i am a son of a mother and father both worked at tuskegee army airfield as civilian a number of us are heritage and then a number of members of general duty and active guard and airforce a few navy and marines and army folks. >> we are over the moon ecstatic this story is being told and it will continue to be
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told thanks to you dr. bunt and you get the keys to kingdom on saturday. the keys to the plane. >> the excitement of being with the tuskegee airmen saturday is only amplified by the fact i get the key to the plane saturday. >> too bad i can't fly >> might be a good thing. thank you we appreciate your time. >> thank you very much can't wait to see the plane in person. 12 army airmen from world war ii will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery they were assigned to reconnaissance near bismark sea 1943 but they were directed to land at a friendly airstrip due to poor weather conditions they never made it a team found remains from the crew in 2007 they are now identified and remains representing the entire crew will be buried as a group. >> already suffering haiti bracing for another blow how they are trying to prepare for
9:20 am
tropical storm emily, which has her eyen that island. >> holly is getting wild this morning holly. >> as opposed to any other morning we are literally walking on the wild side look at these guys do you thing they just want to be on tv or does it have something to do with what i have in my hand there we go live this morning hey hey hey, we are at the wildlife preserve and zoo in thurmont maryland we will tell you about an animal enrichment day all live later pgh >> they are cute cute cute as we head to break a reminder check out there is a brand new feature you can cash in on discounts from local vendors called my fox half off the link is on our home page today's deal a $10 credit to
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flipping pizza for just $5, use it at any of their locations in the dc region along with their food truck and fans at national park just look for the link on we will be back coming up 9:21 a.m. 
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united nations condemning syria for violent crackdown on democracy protestors even syria's traditional allies voted for the condemnation, meantime we are hearing more shelling in syria protestors say another six people were killed overnight the government is trying to stop news of the violence from getting out it cut off all phone internet and electricity but protest continues. this morning a startling statistic in the growing famine crisis in east africa a u.s. aid official estimates more than 29,000 children under the
9:25 am
age of 5 died in the last threemonths in southern somalia one of three regions of the country the un is now a famine zone, 3.2 million people are in need of immediate life saving assistance al qaeda linked militants control much of the hardst hit areas famine conditions are expected to persist until december. >> topical storm emily baring down on haiti it is expected to clip west earn haiti as 600,000 people are living in tents and other makeshift homes since last year's massive earthquake many are worried heavy rain and flooding could make the deadly cholera outbreak even worse. tour bus crash in up state new york sent dozens to the hospital, this was the scene last night on interstate 81, near whitney point the bus carrying more than 30 passengers flipped over and landed on its roof in a ditch. four people were seriously injured, the bus was heading to
9:26 am
trenton new jersey from niagara falls state police said weather and speed caused the accident. believe it or not back the school right around the corner what can you do to start getting your kids in that back to school mode? we are joined by the author strong from the start raising confident resilient kids. she set the mold for the tv sitcom now a new exhibit all about i love lucy where to check it outcoming up 3q septic system breakdowns
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>> now this is your last chance if one piece of candy gets past you into the packing room you are fired. >> yes, ma'am. >> still funny. >> it is funny. >> starts off slow. >> basic premise and hill
9:30 am
lairty ensues. >> believe it or not it has been almost 60 years since i love lucy hit america's television library of congress is opening up a new exhibition i love lucy an american legend it opens the day runs through january at the performing arts reading room of the james madson building southeast. the exhibit explores the show's -- now see you get the laugh the show's history through family scrapbooks, photos, lucille ball and desi arnez set a new standard when the show hit the air way. >> everyone has seen that before. >> funny ever time you see it. >> you can see yourself in that situation. >> right and the show really set the templet for how sitcoms were shot. it is amazing. >> tough to compete with that when talking i apologize. >> no, that is okay.
9:31 am
>> that is one to go see. >> all right. >> tucker barnes. >> yes, tony. >> humid outside. >> still humid burning off the cloud cover nice one later today sunshine upper 80s we can do that. >> we can. >> amazing how cool yesterday felt mid-80s i was like -- people telling me they wanted to wear jackets and stuff because it has been so hot. >> what? >> i am just saying alison people want to put jackets on. >> julie. >> julie is one of them. >> we will jump upper 80s again that will be right where we need to be 75 now in gaithersburg southern maryland, 73 degrees, 75 martins burg out to the west, culpepper, you are 82 temperatures starting to rise sunshine breaking out between the north and west and that will build in a nice after non-across the washington area satellite -- afternoon across
9:32 am
the washington area. >> satellite radar, cloud cover breaking down and starting to get clearing out into central virginia and eastern ohio that will flip in here later today more and more sunshine building in farther north and west the more sun you get later today we should be dry, done with the rain today that is generally good news. >> down to the toppings, this is emily -- tropics, this is emily, currently stationary that is not good it will dump a lot of rain. stationary, winds 50 miles an hour watch that track over the next couple days it will go across eastern cuba, east of florida track out to sea but we will have to watch this it will not take a lot to push it one direction or another as we get into the weekend forecast, category one hurricane, 75-mile per hour winds by monday morning we will watch emily carefully as it approaches the
9:33 am
eastern sea board later this weekend. >> our forecast not a bad one nice one afternoon sun seasonal temperatures 87 your daytime high winds out of the north, 5 to 10 miles per hour. might be a shower overnight but nothing too much to be concerned about 73 your overnight low your 5 day forecast tomorrow 87 might be a late storm much better chance of rain saturday, rain and thunderstorms someover those could be on the strong side then we will bounce back low 90s by sunday and monday. >> let's look at the forecast tony. all right tucker thank you can you believe it it is already the first week of august, kids will be going back to school before you know it joining us today the author of the book strong from the start raising confident and resilient kids she is here to talk about steps you can take now the prepare kids for the upcoming school year. great book great advice in the book now we want to talk about getting the kids ready to go back to school, already, here, some of these kids are la
9:34 am
meanting the fact it is coming up soon and you really as a parent have to set the stage you don't want it to be just a sudden thing september whatever the date is, bang you are back in school see you later. >> exactly what helps is to reschedule them, so to speak so get them on the school sleep and wake up schedule so a couple weeks before, start getting them up an hour earlier, getting them to bed earlier so by the time school begins they have transitioned and they are on that very same schedule. >> during the course of the summer, and i suspect most parents get this now, i imagine it is important not to just let the summer go by, all right we will just have fun all summer no more learning for a few months. you got to keep them thinking straight. >> combine fun with education especially in this area, we just have a plethora of museums, so it is great if kids want to go the air and space museum they can see the space
9:35 am
shuttle, capsule, eat that dried ice cream the astronauts get the eat not too tasty but a great experience for the kids, the spy museum natural history museum, so much to offer that keeps them thinking and having a good time. >> we don't want it to be just about video games and super hero movies. >> absolutely. >> one of the other things we talk about in the preparation stage, as you are buying school supplies, include the kids in that why do you want to do that. >> because you want them to be involved, and when they are involved they are then able to make some decisions, relative to the lists they have but they get to be better decision makers that is really important so they need to have a few choices that really helps them get excited make it more fun oh, school is coming i have decided i am going to have this color instead of that or this binder instead of that.
9:36 am
part of the process always make them part of the process. >> you should even do that when it comes to going to the grocery store for lunches and stuff. >> yeah because my kids are always either bought lunch or made their own lunch when you have time in the summer, take them to the grocery store let them be part of the decision making process what do they like to eat for lunch then invite them into the kitchen so they can start preparing their own lunches and being comfortable with doing that. >> one of the things that you mentioned, that i think is a great point, is don't wait until this first day of school to take the child to the school, particularly if it is new. >> everybody likes to be familiar so it is not a big shock, when the kids are little, they like to know where the bathrooms are the older students want to know where their lockers are to make sure they can manipulate that lock successfully everybody likes to see the classroom and it gets
9:37 am
exciting and fun it looks all new and especially if the child is just beginning school or moving to a brand new area or moving up to another level, it is just part of all the positive energy that you can put into a new school year. >> cuts down on first day apprehension. >> exactly. >> great advice again the book is strong from the start raising confident resilient kids there are tips to get them ready for school. >> thank you. >> alison back to you. >> 9:37 a.m. a big day at red skins camp lots of new faces free agents expected to be age to practice for the first time today and dave ross is there he joins us next with all the details stay with us
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it is a day for the red skins expected to hit the field
9:41 am
twice. >> yeah, many eyes will be on the quarterback competition one of the newest members in the back field, dave ross live at red skins park with more they are hitting the field twice only one real practice right? >> yeah, i guess maybe the players out there right now would call this a real practice, we would not call this a real practice this is a walk through going on behind me they are getting ready to wrap that up fans lined up a pretty good crowd today out here maybe cooling temperatures helped out they are lined up to get autographs they will practice for real this afternoon they are rally waiting, the reason why they did the walk through first they are trying to get the cba done once that gets ratified which we expect it will be done today then everybody can practice no one has to sit out and watch practice like the free agents have had to do for the last week when you come to practice, you will watch john beck he took the first snaps in that walk through for what it is worth and he is wearing a new
9:42 am
number, number 12 we told you about earlier this morning he always wanted that number now he has it but there is another guy competing for that starting job, that is rex grossman who should practice again this afternoon mike shanahan says the quarterbacks will split reps with first and second units let the competition begin. >> always an advantage, rex has been a bit longer but they both got to work on it last year, rex has game time to learn from it we expect them to get the reps in the preseason. >> it was good these past five days to get the majority of the reps i wanted to come out get the reps get the experience make some mistakes here or there, chuck some balls down the field see what we got and that happened that was good, that kind of leading into now these days i am going to get less reps that is to my advantage. >> there is also competition at the running back position, ryan will be vying for a starting spot with this guy, tim hightower traded and acquired
9:43 am
sunday for holiday, he is an interesting guy he has an interesting look with the dread locks a local guy went to episcopal high school played college ball down at university of richmond he has a very interesting nickname. >> i can hear my brothers and sisters i used to pee in the bed a lot that was a long long time ago so they called me pee pot >> they called you pee pot >> i probably shouldn't say that. >> you realize we are rolling on this. >> i became vulnerable for a quick second i just exposed myself we are not going to do that. high tower or ht. >> we will not call you pee pot. >> no, don't do that, ht, high tower i don't know. >> unfortunately the power of the new social media we live in pee motte is starting the trend right new on twitter so i don't know if hightower is going to be able to escape the wrath of his teammates once they find out pee pot is his nickname i
9:44 am
promise no more pee pot references from me after today and i will never say that to him again when we see him in the locker room cool, 4:00 p.m. practice open to the public come out and watch practice this afternoon back to studio for now. >> he can hope they will call him ht but the cat is out of the bag now he shouldn't have let that one slip. >> he knew we were rolling i warned him and everything >> i heard you warn him. well, the break in the heat and just a little break but it is a break none the less may have you looking for something to do outside holly found the perfect spot look at you. good looking. holly also good looking is at the wildlife preserve this morning she will take a look at what you can find when you visit. >> and has the warm weather kept gardening attention outside instead of inside plants how to get inside plants back in shape we will be right back 
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the wildlife preserve and zoo has a lot going on, holly morris is there to find out about the fun and bring us cute animals. >> reporter: i am telling you this place is amazing they are now bringing animals to me we have had such a wonderful morning here one amazing experience after another they are geared up right now they have special visitors if you look to the right there right on cue you will see kaya the little baby tiger getting an early morning walk in she is walking with jim the assistant director of zoological affairjeff downing assistant director to focus more on community outreach good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you for bringing kaya
9:49 am
to us usually she is with the zoo babies. >> yes, ma'am. >> here she is experiencing a part of the zoo she has never been in before. >> it gets her acclimated to her environment. >> what kind of tiger is she? >> royal bengal she is obviously white and she a about 8.5 months old. >> she is young. >> she is and she is learning she has tiger behave yours she has those big teeth she h grow into. >> how big will she get? >> three and a quarter to three and a half, a big girl. >> really big. >> and normally right now about this age she would be playing around with her mom like this. >> exactly. >> she is not looking to bite you it is rough house playing. >> exactly to a certain extent when it is with humans mom would teach her how to defend herself she would be with other siblings they would learn how to take down an animal and play
9:50 am
at that point it is all play as they get older play turns to survival she is learning and it is imprinted in her behaviour this is not something we have to teach her. >> is she active all day. >> big cats are like your house cats 4 hours activity the rest is like sleeping, eating, for her lounging in her pool or sitting around in neutral. >> that sounds pretty good. >>th inning gets the community more excited than zoo babies every baby animal is too cute for words for you all you have an animal enrichment day. >> we do something we invite the public in so they can see what we do with animals, they can learn what we do to have them get variety in their day, some of the enrichment is for animals themselves for physiology like with rocket our giraffe. >> in fact i am glad you brought up rocket we spent
9:51 am
earlier hours with rocket here we have wonderful pictures of rocket tell us why he is so special. >> well, rocket is a giraffe and a giraffe is one of the animals that is -- that the public likes to see one of the top five that they like to see. >> one that you have never had before. >> well, we had one. >> many years ago. >> but our guests have told us repeatedly they would like to see a giraffe here so we were able to bring rocket and now we are working with the public and with private sector to try to keep rocket here, so it would be a permanent edition to the exhibit. >> you are trying to raise different money if you come out there are different ways to go ahead and support be a rocket booster yourself any other special experiences? you know i think kind of some times people don't know about the wildlife preserve and zoo and understand what makes this experience here unique than say another zoo. >> one thing here with this zoo we have a lot of portion of our
9:52 am
zoo under canopy something you can be in the shade much closer to nature, but we also do that with our exhibits we get the public much closer to animals than many other places. and that helps with education you can see what the animals are doing, we also have ' staff that like to interact with the people and tell people and answer people any questions they have. >> what is the best time of day to make sure you see kaya not lounging in the pool and relaxing but up and active. >> out in the morning she is scanning the new smells from the evening and there are times in the day one of us will go in, one of the keepers and give her a little exercise time that is fun time for her too. >> well, it has been super fun for us that is why it is always so great the come to the zoo in the morning, our website we have a link to the wildlife preserve and zoo come out and enjoy and don't forget to be a rocket booster once you are here and a kaya booster but
9:53 am
kaya is staying any way you can just watch her grow. >> holly thank you so much love those animals today. >> this week's how does your garden grow segment with derek thomas, we are talking house plants good morning. >> good morning how are you? >> sorry okay. >> you know what i was thank you for making the humidity go away since you had the come out. >> it wasn't quite yet low enough pardon the hat viewers we want to focus what you are doing not my hair real quick. >> the reason we are focussing on house plants it has been a crazy summer everybody has been trying to keep plants outdoors a lot we are taking the segment back inside it is just about house plant nurture a little bit of a primer to make sure your plants will be okay come fall is winter you know, things like this, plant right here, just because you are seeing roots, does not necessarily mean the plant is in need of
9:54 am
repotting and the ways you can tell when a plant is in need of repotting is for instance, this suck lent if you take it out of the pot you get a big massive root starting to wind around itself if that root mass can't be broken apart it is time to repot. we have other things like this amaryllis bulb we potted these up in the spring they were little bulbettes if you want to have plower it is time the take these dump them out of their home and repot them into a pot that is going to be more suitable for the fall so we are going to actually put these into this pot. >> okay. >> you want to make sure the roots are properly suspended and then go ahead and fill that back in, now with amaryllis you need to know the type of plant you are working with and also, what their cares are and most of these plants you can find on
9:55 am
the internet if you don't know what your plant is, go ahead and investigate with an amaryllis it is happier, the top part of the bulk is actually exposed. >> okay. >> that is ready to go you have then repotted that plant also the other thing you want to thing about this time of the year is if you are going to do any repotting, there is some great organics if you want to use organics also miracle grow has come up with a single serving plant food it is foolproof take one packet dump it in a gallon of water you are good to go. >> what about plants that have done too well indoors we have these and what we want to do because it is coming into the fall season again plants will naturally have a regrowth. this may seem hard but what you want to do is actually cut all this off, and take it all away, and then we can talk about what we can do with all those
9:56 am
trimmings later but now if you look at the plant, it is naturally starting to have all this new regrowth in there. >> right. >> the other thing make sure this soil has become a little compacted with salt and stuff like that, get that top two or three inch layer of soil out of there and take and put some fresh soil in there as a pot dressing the plant will thank you for it. >> now we've got our new -- one piece is missing there. we have our new plant this will fill in by this time next year it will be just as lovely as it was what do we do with all these trimmings this is a great we to make new plants. >> got to end it there. >> go to the website learn more. >> we can learn more at the website. >> we will be right back after the break 
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